Our Mission

Trauma is far more common in our world than anyone would like to admit. When one experiences trauma they often feel isolated and alone, like no one understands. As a result, survivors are creative and resourceful in finding ways to cope with the pain. Relationships can become fraught with fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, relational trauma occurs in the context of a relationship, often with exactly those who were supposed to nurture and protect you. We’re here to help you find hope and healing. To help you find connection and a sense of belonging, maybe for the first time in your life. Because when we are wounded in the context of a relationship, we also need to heal in the context of a safe and secure relationship.

At Safe Haven we understand that:

Healing is possible no matter what your circumstances.

Those who experience trauma are often doing the best they can. They use their creativity and resourcefulness to cope with overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. Although these ways of coping helped you to survive, they may have become maladaptive now that you’re safe.

Safe Haven Trauma Services

Helps those with trauma and relational issues to go from surviving to thriving.

Our practice is designed to meet the needs of those with trauma and relational issues in Music City and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of therapeutic services through counselors with different specialties, all of whom have a trauma-informed approach. We work with clients of all ages who struggle with a variety of difficulties as a result of their trauma experiences. We aim to find the provider that is the right fit for you and those in your support system. We are always growing our therapeutic community by providing education, consultation, and training to newly trained clinicians and students looking to further their knowledge in a trauma-informed approach.

Our Values

At Safe Haven, we believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for our clients and employees and providing education and advocacy to our community. Our mission is to help those with trauma and relational issues to go from surviving to thriving, both in life and in relationships with others. Our vision is to eliminate stigma around trauma and dissociative disorders by creating awareness and acceptance.

We provide a safe haven that allows for:



We believe survivors are creative and resourceful in surviving difficult life experiences. We encourage clients to use their creativity to find new ways to thrive.



We believe that survivors heal in connection. Healing does not happen in isolation. We are here to support you through genuine connection.



We love curiosity! Survivors often struggle with chronic shame. Curiosity allows us to understand why you do the things you do and what you need to move forward.



We believe this is a key aspect of therapy. We do not see ourselves as experts on your life. Rather we see therapy as a collaborative process where we can work together to meet your therapeutic needs. We also like to collaborate with other providers on your treatment team whenever possible!



We truly care about our clients. We have compassion for the most difficult of life experiences and the often accompanying complex behaviors. We hope that you will learn to find self-compassion even in the darkest places in your life.



Natalie LeQuang, LPC-MHSP

My passion is working with those who have survived difficult life experiences. My career in working with trauma survivors began in 2010 when I completed an undergraduate internship at Sheppard Pratt’s Trauma Disorders inpatient unit. I was immediately struck by people’s capacity to survive through their strength and resilience, despite the most horrific of experiences. From that point on it became my calling in life to serve those impacted by all forms of traumatic experiences. As a trauma survivor myself, I understand the challenge and complexity of working through painful experiences from the past and changing problematic ways of coping. I have been fortunate enough to experience healing from my past and I understand what’s involved in the healing journey.


Jonathan Bungard - Master’s Level Intern

My spirit is committed to walking side-by-side with individuals and families trying to better themselves and make the most of their life experiences.  My history as a trauma survivor led me to the helping field, and I have been fortunate to work in this area for several years. I have witnessed the healing power of the therapeutic relationship and environment, and I hope to continue to expose people to the same.

The individuals with whom I have worked and continue to work are very often survivors of some traumatic event or less-than-desirable developmental episode. There is no textbook definition of how this might look, and each person is affected differently because of her or his unique background.

sam bio pic.jpg

Sam Bowler - Administrative Assistant

Sam helps with answering phone calls, responding to emails, scheduling sessions and providing superbills, as well as managing business operations. 

He has significant experience with people, having worked several hospitality and customer service jobs in the past. 

Sam has an interest in helping trauma survivors and is excited to serve clients at Safe Haven Trauma Services.