About Jonathan


My spirit is committed to walking side-by-side with individuals and families trying to better themselves and make the most of their life experiences.  My history as a trauma survivor led me to the helping field, and I have been fortunate to work in this area for several years. I have witnessed the healing power of the therapeutic relationship and environment, and I hope to continue to expose people to the same.

The individuals with whom I have worked and continue to work are very often survivors of some traumatic event or less-than-desirable developmental episode.  There is no textbook definition of how this might look, and each person is affected differently because of her or his unique background. One of the first rules of healing is ‘do not compare experiences.’  Our sadness, pain, or general discomfort may come from any range of life happenings, and we can work toward accepting them as real so they may be appropriately addressed. There is no such thing as ‘my experience isn’t that bad compared to…, so I should be okay.”  This statement is representative of the mindset that often keeps us from realizing our fullest selves. Your memories and feelings are real; they do not need justification, and they are every bit as valid, important, special, and worthy of attention as you are.  

My career up to this point has been in the performing arts field.  I have an intimate knowledge of how humans use their bodies to communicate and survive within a given environment.  This experience allows for exploration of somatic and experiential therapeutic techniques that use the body and physical movements as the main conduits for healing.  This type of work can be extremely useful for trauma survivors, as words often fail us or tend to be insufficient for accurately describing our personal stories.  

No issue is too big or too small to address within the safe and sacred space of the therapeutic interaction.  It is my passion to help people build that space for themselves and carry the healing they experience there out into the world throughout their everyday lives.


Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance, Point Park College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Currently a Master’s Level Intern