Highly Sensitive Person Group


According to Dr. Elaine Aron, high sensitivity is a trait found in 15-20% of the population.  It is not a disorder. Often HSPs grow up being told that they are “shy” or “too sensitive.” Rather, highly sensitive persons (HSPs) pick up on subtleties because their brains process information on a deeper level.

HSPs are more sensitive to both internal and external stimulation, meaning they tend to have complex inner lives and sensory sensitivities.  Those with this trait are likely to feel their emotions deeply and pick up on the emotions of others. Some may identify themselves as “empaths.”  HSPs tend to be easily overwhelmed or overstimulated. They can be bothered by strong smells, loud noises, coarse fabrics, etc.  As an HSP, understanding your needs and the importance of self-care is essential to healthy functioning.

What if sensitivity isn't weakness?  Many HSPs grow up in environments where their sensitivity is not valued.  But there are many strengths that come with this trait, including being highly intuitive, empathetic, and creative. This group will explore the strengths of being an HSP and will provide a safe place to process wounds from the past. Group will include self-care strategies, mindfulness, and experiential elements. Through participation in this group, members will come to a greater level of acceptance of themselves and learn to value their sensitivity.

Group held at Roman and Sokolowski Counseling, PLLC - 12 - 1pm Tuesday afternoons ($50/group)

Group co-led by Mary Ann Sokolowski, LPC-MHSP