Relationship Recovery Group

Have you experienced toxic or unhealthy relationships that continue to impact you and your relationships today? Toxic relationships can refer to those that involve physical or sexual abuse, but they can also include relationships where you were lied to, manipulated, or taken advantage of.

Often toxic relationships involve “gaslighting.” This is when your partner blames you for things that you are not responsible for, makes you feel crazy, or invalidates your reality. The results of “gaslighting” often involved truly feeling like you are the problem in the relationship, feeling crazy, questioning your own reality, among other such things. Often times “gaslighting” also involved narcissistic abuse. 

Do you struggle with self-worth or view yourself negatively due to how you were treated in the past?  Unhealthy, toxic relationships can lead to difficulties with trusting others and anxiety or panic that can show up as you start to get close to someone new.  If you have a difficult time making sense of past relationships, you may benefit from this group. 

 This group will provide a safe space with a community of others who understand. You will learn about your attachment style and how it impacts your relationships today.  Group will also include: mindfulness skills, psychoeducation on narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, and “gaslighting,” processing wounds from the past, boundary setting, and other useful skills. Participation will allow you to engage in healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

If you are interested in group, please contact us to see if this group is a good fit for you.  We are currently gathering members and forming a wait list. The cost of group is $50 per session.