Safe Haven Trauma Services is a trauma-specific group private practice. We seek to provide psychotherapy and related services for those impacted by all types of traumatic life experiences. At Safe Haven Trauma Services, we believe trauma is any experience that overwhelms a person’s capacity to cope. Each of us process experiences differently and what may be traumatic to one person may not be to another.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often caused by a traumatic event where there is actual or threatened serious injury, death, or sexual violence.


Often those with complex trauma have learned to use dissociation as a way to cope and survive. If the trauma is now over, many times individuals need to learn grounding skills and how to live in the present.

Complex Trauma

When trauma is repeated and long-term, the result is complex trauma. This type of trauma is often relational, meaning it stems from how you were treated by other human beings…


We specialize in assessment and treatment of complex dissociative disorders. DID and OSDD are often missed in treatment settings due to lack of graduate training in assessing and treating dissociative disorders.


Depersonalization is a feeling of being detached from one’s own body or feeling outside of one’s body. Derealization is the feeling that the world is not real. People describe feeling as if they are looking at the world through a fog or from behind a glass wall.

Narcissistic Abuse

This type of trauma can sometimes go unnoticed for years or even decades. It is often subtle and covert, but over time has a tremendous impact on people. Whether you are a partner or a child of a narcissist, you may often question yourself and not trust your own judgement.

Extreme Abuse

We are also able to treat individuals with the most complex of histories who have experienced events that are unfathomable for most. Complex trauma can include extreme abuse that is sadistic and cruel in nature, perpetrated in an intentional, organized way.

Other Trauma Related Concerns


Trauma can greatly impact your ability to stay calm and have feelings of peace. It can cause significant anxiety in the form of generalized anxiety, panic attacks, OCD-like symptoms, agoraphobia, etc.


Addiction comes in many forms. Often times, something that started out as innocent or fun, turns into a way to numb intense emotions, difficult childhood memories, trauma, or other painful experiences.

Relationship Issues

We frequently work with individuals who struggle in relationships or have experienced trauma in past relationships that may have been toxic or abusive. All humans long for a sense of connection and belonging. Relationships are essential for living a happy, fulfilling life, but often times wounds from the past wreck havoc in current relationships.


Trauma can impact your ability to feel happy, fulfilled, and find meaning in life. Trauma often leads to symptoms of depression, which can feel completely debilitating.

Somatic Issues

Survivors of trauma often struggle with somatic issues as a result of their traumatic experiences. Somatic symptoms can take on various forms. This may include things such as body memories, unexplained pain, headaches, muscle tension, etc.

Crisis Issues

Suicide is a complicated and common issue that impacts people from all walks of life. For some, suicide is an occasional, passing thought. For others, suicide is a more constant thought. Some people have done extensive planning about how they might kill themselves, while others may have attempted suicide once or on several occasions. Many individuals struggle with some form of suicidality, which includes suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts.

Other Specialties


At Safe Haven TS we really enjoy working with those with creative interests. With our location being in Music City, we often work with musicians, artists, singer/songwriters, and other creatives. We highly value intuition, creativity, and curiosity, which we tend to see as common characteristics in creative people.


Individuals that are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) tend to be overwhelmed easily, sensitive to criticism, and very much aware of subtleties in their environment.