Crisis Issues

Suicide is a complicated and common issue that impacts people from all walks of life. For some suicide is an occasional, passing thought. For others, suicide is a more constant thought. Some people have done extensive planning about how they might kill themselves. While others may have attempted suicide once or on several occasions. Many individuals struggle with some form of suicidality, which includes suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts. People who struggle with any of things mentioned above are at increased risk of completing suicide. 

We are accustomed to working with clients who are struggling with various forms of suicidality. We are not the providers who will immediately hospitalize you at the mention of suicide. Rather we do extensive safety planning, teach skills on how to cope and reach out for help, and connect people with resources in the community as needed.

We strive to help individuals who struggle with suicidality to find meaning and purpose in life and ultimately to create a life worth living. If you are struggling with suicidality there is hope to live a more meaningful life. We work especially well with individuals with complex trauma histories who are struggling with suicidality as a result of severe trauma symptoms.  We work first on stabilization, then processing past traumas, all while creating a life worth living. 

Note: Although we do the best we can to work with people on safety planning, we are required to hospitalize you if we believe you are a serious risk to yourself or someone else. If we are not able to come up with a solid safety plan that we believe you will follow, we will need to hospitalize you to keep you safe. Your safety is of utmost importance to us!