Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

Individuals that are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) tend to be overwhelmed easily, sensitive to criticism, and very much aware of subtleties in their environment. HSPs typically have complex inner worlds. HSPs are often deep thinkers, knowledge seekers, who are frequently plagued by anxious hearts. As children, they are commonly described as “shy” or “too sensitive.” This trait is seen in 15-20% of the population. It is not a disorder, but a trait that you are born with. In fact, there is now scientific evidence that shows that the brains of HSPs actually work a bit differently. Those who are highly sensitive typically observe before acting and process things more deeply than others. Being highly sensitive is not the same thing as being shy or introverted. Some HSPs are extroverts. Due to what our culture values, HSPs typically grow up in environments that do not value sensitivity. Because of this, many grow up believing there is something innately “wrong” with them. They want to be less sensitive, to get rid of their sensitivity. However, when in an environment where sensitivity is valued, it is possible to view sensitivity as a gift rather than a weakness. In addition to individual therapy, group therapy can be extra helpful for HSPs because it helps you to see that you are not the only one who feels things so deeply. Please see our groups page for more information on the support and process group that we offer.