Relationship Issues

We frequently work with individuals who struggle in relationships or have experienced trauma in past relationships that may have been toxic or abusive. All humans long for a sense of connection and belonging. Relationships are essential for living a happy, fulfilling life, but often times wounds from the past wreck havoc in current relationships.  

Common Relationship Issues: 

Intense anxiety or panic in relationships

Avoidance of relationships

Conflict with a romantic partner

Conflict in a relationship

Early relational trauma that is impacting current relationships


Intimacy Issues


Past relationship with narcissistic abuse 

History of domestic violence

We approach relationship issues from an attachment-focused perspective.  Attachment begins at birth and is influenced by your relationship with your early caregivers.  If you have relationship issues, it is likely that you have some form of insecure attachment.  To name early life issues as problematic does not mean that your parents are bad people.  In fact, most parents do everything they possibly can to raise their children the right way.  Attachment issues usually go back many generations.  Often parents are doing the best they can with what they know, and what they know, is how they were raised!  This is no one’s fault, but fortunately there is a lot of new information on how to shift from insecure attachment to earned-secure attachment.  This means you can look back on your childhood, see how your parents affected you, and make sense of your past.  The best legacy you can leave is to learn from the negative behaviors and leave them in the past and to take the good qualities of your parents and carry them on to the next generation.

How do you develop earned-secure attachment?  One way is to develop a secure relationship with a therapist that you trust and who truly accepts you as you are.  Through working with your therapist you can work on your relationship with yourself. Both Attachment-Focused EMDR and Comprehensive Resource Model are great modalities that effectively address these issues. 

It is our belief that we are all wired for connection and at everyone’s core is the desire for love, acceptance, and belonging. We believe everyone deserves to have healthy relationships and strive to help you create more authentic and intimate relationships.