Somatic Issues

Survivors of trauma often struggle with somatic issues as a result of their traumatic experiences. Somatic symptoms can take on various forms. This may include things such as body memories, unexplained pain, headaches, muscle tension, etc. At Safe Haven TS we also have experience working with conversion disorder, functional neurological disorder, nonepileptic psychogenic seizures, intestinal distress, among various other issues. 

The body often stores trauma and can result in somatic problems. Some of these problems can cause significant pain and/or discomfort that is not explainable to doctors. We believe symptoms tell stories and can help you figure out what your body is attempting to communicate to you. Often times after progressing trauma, somatic symptoms significantly subside or disappear. 

Note: It is imperative that you see a doctor for any medical or somatic concerns to rule out anything medical that can be treated by a doctor.